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Reunion Planning

                     A Committee of Many

Committee Chair: Randy Johnson

Committee Team:

Newt Fuller, Sarah Stephens, Betsy Hork, Nancy Fuller (Kimura), Kerry Quinn, Colleen Wiberg (Campion)  Barry Ashwell, Greg Klette, Kimberly Blomberg (Dean), Mark Helseth & Laurie Moser (Hendriksen)


Mary Ellen North, Barb Hughes, Laura Rotegard, Judy Ryder

Memorial Videos: Floyd Hanson 

Reunion website: Colleen Gauron (Larkin)

Washburn Facebook Admin: Sarah Stephens

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering

Here are some committee members working hard! 

Back Row: 

Barry Ashwell, Randy Johnson, Newt Fuller

Middle Row:

Betsy Hork, Sarah Stephens, Kerry Quinn, Greg Klette

Front Row:

Nancy Fuller (Kimura), Kimberly Blomberg (Dean)

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